Save the Flowers! Valentine’s Sale!


Recent studies* have shown that our current rate of consumption of fresh cut Valentine’s Day flowers is dangerously high, and is poised to decimate much of the world’s supply of flowers in a mere matter of years. “By 2028, sweethearts may have to resort to giving a mini cactus to their significant other. Can you imagine?” says Lars De Boer**, a really smart dutch dude with a knack for statistics. “Cacti are anything but sexy. 99.4% of the population would never get lucky again!”

Our solution to this alarming trend: instead of contributing to the depletion of the world’s supply of flowers, why not give hot sauce? Delicious, spicy, flower-saving hot sauce. Buy hot sauce for your lover, secret lover, other lover, best friend’s brother’s mother, a hairy cuddler, we don’t really care. Whoever you’re showing some love to this week, make sure you do so by giving some hand crafted, spicy, goodness.

To encourage flora protection this February 14th, we are offering 14% off*** all Horsetooth Hot Sauce purchases over $11. Oh, and also free shipping (what?!). Hot Sauce lovers and flower lovers unite – do your part to save the flowers and make this Valentine’s Day a happy one for everyone.

At checkout, input coupon code deadflowers and then select free shipping.

Minimum qualifying purchase: $11.

To ensure timely delivery, this sale ends Monday 2/10/14 9:00 am MST.

*Note: Not an actual study. But it’s probably true.
**Note: Not a quote from an actual dude. Well, maybe there’s a guy named Lars De Boer somewhere in the world, and if so, we bet he’s pretty cool.
***Note: Really 15% (sweet!)