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Hot Dawgs

Horsetooth Hot Sauce is a family owned and operated company from Fort Collins, Colorado, that concocts delectable hot sauces, choice BBQ sauces, and titillating Bloody Mary mixes. Dynamic duo John and Michael Ann Comeau lead the fiery rebellion against bland fare. These two dish up some of the most delectable sauces and mixes you'll ever taste.

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Horsetooth Hot Sauce's products are sold at select specialty stores and grocers (that know what's up) throughout the state of Colorado and beyond.
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Until we've made it to a store near you, feel free to order the heat online. We'll bring it. Okay, FedEx will bring it, but we'll send it.

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Stay up-to-date on Horsetooth Hot Sauce's latest small batch releases, our farmers market antics, and new recipies we're concocting daily. We keep our blog stocked with recipes, news, updates, events, random thoughts, and funny pictures of people eating really hot stuff. That's creative, right?

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October 16, 2014 - The Test Kitchen – Smoky Guacamole

I Want To Go To There

According to Native American legend, Horsetooth Rock in Fort Collins, CO, is not a rock at all, but the heart-turned-to-stone of a great warrior slain by a slightly greater warrior during a fierce battle. According to our legend, they were good buddies fighting over the last drop of Horsetooth Hot Sauce. Don’t fight with your friends – keep plenty on hand.

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